Complete Home Remodeling Near Me in Mesa, Arizona

We offer a wide range of services including residential remodeling, design, additions, and new builds. Whether you're looking to remodel your kitchen, add extra space to accommodate a growing family, or build your dream home from the ground up, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Welcome to The Contractor Guys, your trusted partner for comprehensive home remodeling, additions, and building services in Mesa, Arizona. Our goal is to transform your house into a dream home with our innovative and detail-oriented approach. We handle everything from minor upgrades to full-scale renovations and new constructions, ensuring every project is executed with precision and care.

Transform Your Mesa Home with Complete Remodeling, Home Additions, and New Builds

The Contractor Guys provide comprehensive home remodeling services in Mesa, Arizona. Co-founded by industry veterans Michael and Jennie, the business leverages their expertise in construction and hospitality to deliver customized remodeling solutions. Their service offering encapsulates a detail-oriented approach with a strong focus on realizing the vision of the client, ensuring homeowner satisfaction throughout the remodel. The Contractor Guys are committed to transforming houses into cherished homes, fulfilling this promise with their high-quality standards. Their reliability, attention to detail, and innovative approaches truly set them apart in the realm of home remodeling.


  • Personalized Home Remodeling Specialists
  • Expert Founders, Construction & Hospitality
  • Precision Work, Detail-Oriented Approach
  • Committed to Homeowner Satisfaction
  • Quality Transformations, Cherished Homes

Home Additions

Expand Your Home with Precision

Need more space? Our home addition services are perfect for expanding your living areas to accommodate growing families or changing needs. We specialize in adding new rooms, second stories, and expanding kitchens or living areas.

  • Extra Bedrooms and Bathrooms: Add more comfort and functionality to your home with additional bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Second Story Additions: Maximize your property’s potential with a second story addition, providing more living space without compromising your yard.
  • Kitchen and Living Area Expansions: Enhance your home’s main gathering spaces with expanded and redesigned kitchens and living areas.

Home Building

Crafting Dream Homes from the Ground Up

At The Contractor Guys, we also specialize in new home construction, turning your dream home vision into reality. Our team ensures that every detail is meticulously planned and executed, from initial design to final construction.

  • Custom Home Design: We work with you to design a home that perfectly fits your lifestyle and preferences.
  • Quality Construction: Using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, we build homes that are not only beautiful but also durable and energy-efficient.
  • Personalized Service: Throughout the construction process, we maintain open communication to ensure your new home meets your expectations.
We’re Turning Your House into the Home You’ve Always Dreamt Of!

Are you ready to transform your living space in Mesa, Arizona? Let’s make your house a cherished home together! Reach out to The Contractor Guys today. We’re committed to bringing your vision to life with meticulous attention to detail and innovative solutions. Let’s start remodeling!


At The Contractor Guys, we’re committed to transforming your living space into your dream home. As your reliable and detail-oriented general contractors, we specialize in complete home remodeling, taking your vision from concept to reality. We’re innovative in our approach, using advanced techniques and high-quality materials to ensure a finish you’ll love. Whether it’s a kitchen makeover, a bathroom upgrade, or a complete house renovation, we’ve got you covered. Serving the good folks of Mesa, Arizona, we’re here to give your home that unique touch you’ve been dreaming of. Trust us, we’re pros at making your home remodeling project smooth, efficient, and satisfying.


Why should you choose us, The Contractor Guys, for your complete home remodeling? It’s simple. We’re not just any general contractors; we’re your partners in transforming your house into your dream home. We’re founded by experts, Michael and Jennie, who combine their extensive construction and hospitality experience to deliver personalized, detail-oriented home remodeling. We pride ourselves on our reliability and innovative approach. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we’re committed to realizing your vision with precision and high standards of quality. Serving the Mesa, Arizona area, we’re here to turn your house into the cherished home you’ve always wanted.


Complete Home Remodeling

Q: What exactly does your complete home remodeling service entail?
A: Our complete home remodeling service covers every aspect of transforming your home, from the kitchen and bathrooms to the living and dining areas. We’ll work to transform every corner of your house into a space that truly feels like home.

Q: How long does a typical remodeling project take?
A: The timeline varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. We provide an estimated timeline at the start and keep you updated throughout the process.

Q: Do you handle all the necessary permits for remodeling?
A: Absolutely. We manage all necessary permits and paperwork to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process for you.

Home Additions

Q: What types of home additions do you specialize in?
A: We specialize in adding new rooms, expanding kitchens and living areas, and building second-story additions. Whether you need extra bedrooms, a larger kitchen, or more living space, we’ve got you covered.

Q: How long does a typical home addition take to complete?
A: The duration varies based on the project's size and complexity. We aim to work efficiently while maintaining high standards of quality and will provide a timeline estimate at the start of the project.

Q: How much will a home addition cost?
A: The cost depends on factors such as the size of the project, materials chosen, and complexity of the work. We provide detailed and transparent quotes before starting any project to ensure there are no surprises.

Home Building

Q: What's the first step if we're considering building a new home with you?
A: Contact us to set up a meeting. We'll discuss your vision and needs and provide a detailed proposal outlining the project's scope and cost.

Q: Can we incorporate eco-friendly materials and design elements into our new home?
A: Absolutely! We're advocates for sustainable building practices and will gladly incorporate eco-friendly materials and design elements into your new home.

Q: Do you provide a warranty for the homes you build?
A: Yes, we offer a comprehensive warranty for every home we build, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Are you ready to transform your living space in Mesa, Arizona? Let’s make your house a cherished home together! Reach out to The Contractor Guys today. We’re committed to bringing your vision to life with meticulous attention to detail and innovative solutions. Let’s start remodeling!